Luke Mcleod - Managing Director

Luke has worked with over five hundred Australian and New Zealand businesses from start-ups to global enterprises in helping develop their business and people.  

He has been an active meditator for the past 10 years and feels so fortunate to be able to now share his experience and practise with others to help themselves, their work and/or business thrive in today's modern society.

He is also the Founder of The Soul Society which is a growing community built to inspire and educate others on the power of meditation.

Scott Portrait 21.jpg

Scott GelLatly - Systems Superstar 

Scott Gellatly is Co-founder of TrackZEN, where he is living his passion helping other Founders to build scalable and successful businesses through systemisation. 

He's helped over 400 businesses worldwide to use technology to make their businesses more efficient and empower Founders to work on their business, instead of in it.


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thais oso - organistional psychology pro

Thais started her career as a psychologist working in the favelas and psychiatric prisons of Brazil. As her career progressed, she became more involved in organisational psychology and moved to Australia 15 years ago.

Since then, Thais has become a leading expert and educator; incorporating elements of situational behaviour, change management and professional growth for executive roles. This understanding of human behaviour, and extensive leadership experience, gives her the tools to help individuals and businesses achieve sustainable growth.


Ed wall - Risk Management Role Model

Ed is a business advisor, speaker & startup investor. He has worked with hundreds of businesses helping them run lean, profitable operations to maximise growth or prepare them for investment or exit. 

He is known for his ability to help business owners identify new revenue generating channels, predict market trends and implement strong risk management structures.

He now works with one of Australia's largest banks, helping them with strategic management and direction, along with continuing to help fast growing businesses scale successfully.