Emotional Intelligence

Corporate Calmness

Executive Development 

In the 2017 World Economic Forum's Future Jobs Report, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been identified as one of the top five required job skills in 2020.

Companies that are adopting and implementing EI into the core of their operations and people are best positioned to succeed in todays volatile and high pressure environment.

The benefits of meditation in a working environment are starting to become more evident and accepted.

Being able to deal with stress more effectively, noticeable improvements in focus and productivity and an overall increase in level of happiness are just some of the areas where regular practiced mediatation can impact.

The saying where everything 'flows from the top down' is true. Therefore working with your executives to become well rounded, respected and influential leaders is one of the surest ways to see your business succeed.

We use unorthodox methods and techniques, to 'tap into' the core of the individual and develop lasting leadership behavioural habits.


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